Here at the Notice Board you can find all important information about the 2017 World Championship at Lago di Garda. Make sure you also download the latest version of the NOR and SI. Most importantly, be sure to have your insurance papers with you. When under 18, we also need you to present a filled and signed parental consent form. Find this form at the downloads tab.

We post notices, jury or general, and results as soon as they become available and we have access to the site. Therefore, for realtime information follow our facebook and instagram accounts.

Download the latest version of the Notice of Race for the World Championship 2017 here.

Download NOR

General Notices are pinned at the Notice Board at the club. We also post them here, but consequently, we do not post at the exact same time. Expect difference in posted time.

All results are posted here. All results are provisional if not noted final for the reason that there still can be pending protests.

Results Nacra F20 CarbonResults Nacra F20 FCSResults Nacra F18 InfusionResults Nacra F16Results Nacra 15