We are proud to have the following Partners

First of all: no. We are not doing this alone. Although it seems like it. But we don’t. Even more, we couldn’t. We are very proud to have partnerships and sponsors, and we cannot organise regatta’s without this important support. And we are always in for more. More sponsors or partners. Not to make more money. No. To create valuable sailing memories and great events. To design and deliver even cooler events then you can imagine. Well, let’s leave out St. Barths okay?

Do you want to partner up, or sponsor us with money, prizes, goodies, transport, food, beverages, watches, caps, hats, boats, skincare or smart stuff for on our boats? Then send us an email and let’s talk. Above all, we are open to suggestions. And we have the community and visibility to back it.

We are thrilled to have these venues as our event hosts

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