Here at the Notice Board you can find all necessary information about the 2019 Open Dutch Championship at Hellecat. Please make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the NOR and SI, and be sure to have your insurance papers with you. If you are under 18, we need you to hand over a filled and signed parental consent form, which can be found at the downloads.

We will post notices, jury or general, and results as soon as they become available and we have access to the site. Please also follow our facebook and instagram accounts.

Download the latest version of the Notice of Race for the Open Dutch Championship 2019 here.

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Download the Sailing Instructions here.

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Class ResultsOverall Results

All results are posted here. All results are provisional if not noted final for the reason that there still can be pending protests.

Entered competitors for the Open Dutch Championship 2019 at Hellecat, The Netherlands


Sailnumber Helm Country Crew Boat type
NED X Peter Kloppers Netherlands Wouter Swolfs Nacra F18 Infusion
NED 1494 Jelte Wolters Netherlands Pamela van Heuven van Staereling Nacra F18 Infusion
NED 2020 Arjan Baas Netherlands Emma van Welij Nacra F18 Infusion
NED216 Teuntje van Es Netherlands Samantha Kruyf Nacra 16
NED 23 Xander Pols Netherlands Frank de Waard Nacra 20FCS-Pro
NED29 Sergio Zonligt Netherlands Boris van den Heerik Nacra F18 Infusion
NED 497 Robin Mineur Netherlands Sander Mineur Nacra 17 (Olympic)
NED 1914 Sanne Wielenga Netherlands Collin van Vugt Nacra F18 Infusion
NED 124 Eric de Haas Netherlands Niels de Haas Nacra F20 evo
NED 93 Albert Steenman Netherlands Mitchel Steenman NACRA 20 FCS-PRO
NED 484 Laila Van der Meer Netherlands Bjarne Bouwer Nacra 17 (Olympic)
10 Pierre Meermans Netherlands Victor Laban Nacra Inter 20
NED 11 Anna Kroon Netherlands Matthijs Spijk Nacra 16
NED 83 Walter MInderman Netherlands Gardi Minderman Nacra 16
Nl 2 Rob Harms Netherlands Albert Walrave Nacra F20 Carbon
NED-134 Bart Kooijman Beuk Netherlands Floris Lampe Nacra 15
ned83 walter minderman Netherlands Gardi Minderman Nacra 16
NED 003 Alfred de Jong Netherlands Nacra 15 FCS
2020 Bob Hensen Netherlands Douwe Monsma Nacra F20 Carbon
NED 8 Hans Breur Netherlands Roel Everaars Nacra F18 Infusion
NED 231 Steven Mineur Netherlands Kyle De Haas Nacra 15
NED 5 Peter Vink Netherlands Thomas de Jong Nacra F18 Infusion