About Nacra Racing

Wonderfull of you to visit this page which ties it all together.
You, us, the people who started it all. That’s what it’s about at Nacra Racing.
And this is why we are here and why are we doing what we do.

Nacra Racing is the global class authority of the Nacra F18, Nacra 17 MKI and Nacra F20. And all the fun types.
However the Nacra 15 and the Nacra 17 MKII (Olympic Class) have their own class.

Nacra Racing is born out of the Nacra Dutch Class Association (NDCA) and the International Nacra Class Association (INCA).
They hosted the Nacra Dutch Open at Hellecat and the Nacra and World Championships at Texel between 2008 and 2015.
Also stretchIng our responsibility to get to know marina’s and venues.

We are not a commercial party where profit is the one thing we care about.
Therefore, as Nacra Racing we rely on sponsors, suppliers and partnerships to help us.
We care about you.
About sailing. About youth. Having Fun.
And we do this with all our love. Love us for it.

Meet the Boardmembers

Our board consists of volunteers designing and delivering the best regatta’s. Helping you create valuable sailing memories. So if you spot us, say hi. And share your insights and memories. We like that.

Being sailors we think it is in all our interest to make sure we all can sail great events. However, if you have any questions, or positive feedback, do send us an email!

Wouter Swolfs


Professionally Wouter is CEO of de firma kaas, Innovation Director at Innoleaps. His also an independent strategy facilitator at WhiteRabbit Strategy. Since 1985 however he’s been on the water sailing. Racing on dinghies, keelboats, traditional Dutch skûtsjes, yachts and a wide variety of multihulls. Being a fully certified sailing instructor, trainer and coach he keeps on racing multihulls and yachts. In his free time he leads the Nacra Racing board with relentless energy and drive.

Wouter is a member of Nacra Racing since 2008. He definitely knows his stuff. He is focussed in growing the Nacra Racing brand. Designing and delivering great regatta’s. Constantly finding us blue oceans to race on. If you want info, organise a regatta or just plain answers to your question; he’s the one to reach out to.

Emma van Welij

Vice President

Emma is our power house. She's all over the place once you let her. And we do let her. We love her for it. Enthusiastic and with relentless energy Emma drives Nacra Racing further. And on the water she does the same with on a Nacra F18 Infusion Mark III. She crew's a mixed team and is there to race and win.

Her main focus is working together with the President. Deploying new interesting regattas and keeping Nacra Racing and it's branding fresh. She also leads the marketing and brand specifics of Nacra Racing. And she is our pro in social media presence. Hashtags, planned posts, merchandising and marketing, that's her thing. If you want things done, she's the one. Send her an email!

Xander Pols


You know him as the guy on the big mean racing machines: fully foiling N20 fcs Pro. Always out there to go faster and faster. One would assume he is a fighter pilot. You couldn’t be more wrong. Xander heads together with his brother Marc the City Bril and City Lens brand. We all need eyes so he’s in a good spot. Being sponsor of many teams and Nacra Racing events since 2008. He is a true steady factor in Nacra Racing and his focus area is Partnerships & Sponsors.

You know, that’s what he’s best at. Well, next to racing because he has numerous prizes. And more than a few line honours wins at Round Texel. Xander is always open to talk to you if you have an interesting business opportunity.

Pamela van Heuven van Staereling

Race Officer

Pam just joined our team just the same way as she is on the beach: full of enthusiasm and flair. Ready to rock and ready to help out where she can. Still soaking in all the knowledge she can about multihull sailing with partner Jelte. You will see this team on many regatta’s to come.

At Nacra Racing she will be your go to person when you want to know stuff about...well, just about anything 😉 We are so happy to have her on board!

Sanne Wielenga


She is the winner of the Nacra F18 Infusion Europeans in Como. And she has more of those prizes in her locker. Having learned how to sail with Hellecat in her backyard she is eager and fast. She started on the Dragoon and followed the youth program. Then swiftly stepped onto a Nacra 16 and Infusion. Always open to help you with advice and tips. Also, she is our only student in our Board, and just for that keeping us young.

Frank de Waard

Race Officer & Treasurer

Frank couldn’t be more different at work then when you would meet him at the beach. As a Financial Advisor for Waardig Advies he spends his weeks in a completely other way than the weekend. Winning almost all competitions he is sailing in. We bet he is dreaming about if during worktime if they would let him. But being as engaged at his work as he is while racing we would say: need an financial advisor, pick him.

For Nacra Racing Frank is our Race Guru & Treasurer. He is they guy on the ground who will look at course management. When we organise regatta’s He’ll challenge us in where and how to race. A well travelled man during his time as a Nacra Team Racer. He has seen many venues and countries so you can imagine his value to us. Want to know more on how we race and why we do it this way. He’s your man.